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Finished the Retrograde Pullover and here it is…

retrograde jumper #2

I am now a top down devotee and want to make all my jumpers this way! There is some dodginess going on but that happens with all my creations. The sleeves were knit on a needle size smaller than the body, just cos I only have one small circular. I should have woven in the end more neatly but hey I intend this to be a lounge around jumper. The Jet is really thick, nice and warm. I can see that I will only need to wear this jumper for a month or two of the year.
What next?
Well I have a pair of the ubiquitous Monkey socks on the needles in a bright colourway for a friend who needs a bit of cheering-up. I lashed out in the pattern purchases today and bought two (also ubiquitous) Ysolda patterns; Ishbel and Liesl.
But after the socks I think it is time for another shawlette, so maybe Ishbel or Entomology.
I didn’t go to Bendigo again this year. Oh well, there is always next time. Instead I sat outside in the bright winter sunshine at 12 ply boy’s parents farm on a hill, looking into the green gully below filled with vineyards, knitting on my Monkeys, watching eagles fly above and listening to Stash n Burn. I think I did alright…