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I can’t count but I love my new lace blocking kit.
I was knitting away merrily on the Hexacomb Cardigan, splitting for the fronts almost to the shoulder when I realised my stitch count was waaay out. Unfixably out. So I ripped it back and started something else. When something annoys you like that, it is better to start something new than try again straight away. I cast on the Acton cardigan in Serenity black…it is knitting up super fast but I am not really liking it. I think my heart is in the lace space now.
I bought a blocking kit from the lovely Daphne at The Knittery (has she had her baby yet? Ooh website says yes! Congrats Daphne!!) and I absolutely love it. The wire and t-pins make such a difference. Here is the Tiger Eyes scarf being blocked.
My next lace project is the Adamas shawl from Mimknits. I am planning to do it in some Bendigo 2 ply Venetian (appears to be a discontinued colour). I have heard that you don’t get the same effect from a machine washable treated yarn but I am willing to risk it. Ooh big risk taker. Wish me luck.