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Slackness in the blogging again. But as we close in on November, the closer we get to the madness of NaNoWriMo, so I am using this as writing practice. I have done Nano 4 years in a row but only won last year for the first time. Fingers crossed for 2007, I may sneak some knitting into the story line.

I have continued along with Southern Summer of Socks, however this appears to have been a slow week. I got a little distracted by the Everlasting Bagstopper, which suddenly seemed like a great idea for Christmas presents. Although finding the right fibre for the Bag seems a challenge, I bought some crochet yarn 45% acrylic/55% cotton (at$2 a ball in hot pink, how could I go wrong?!) but the truth will be in the finished product and its strength. I have been lurking through the finished projects queues in Ravelry (oh the collective wisdom!) and checking out other people’s customisations. I am planning to knit the handles rather than use ribbon, but the test will be in ultimate stretch of the bag. I am already imagining how cute my Xmas presents are going to look, a Bagstopper like a Xmas stocking holding gifts.

The one difference about this bag project is that I have begun knitting it at work during my lunchtime. Earlier this week, I came out to my department as a knitter. We have a monthly presentation by our boss and as a bit of fun, they ask a person to provide 3 facts about themselves and the rest of the group has to guess who. So, this time it was my go, but the coming out of the knitting was upstaged by my admission that I used to be a teen Goth! Everyone was dying to ask questions about whether my hair was black, what my parents thought etc etc and the knitting slipped right by without a mention. Ok, I work in a bank, in a product management role surrounded by suits, sales people, actuaries and high flyers, but I did not expect them to be sooo conservative. So the teen gothiness makes me a pariah, knitting does not. I am now knitting in the lunchroom.

I have a shipment of Blue Moon Fiber (American spelling!?) Arts waiting for me at the post office. I fear the Bagstopper may too be waylaid in preference for the new yarn. New Yarn! Oh how the Australian dollar being close to equal to a US$ makes me happy. If it weren’t for that super expensive posting though…

Burma. I have watched the news over recent weeks horrified at the situation in Burma. The news footage has brought me close to tears on a couple of occasions. To see the monks, symbols of peace and divinity, being attacked with batons and such undeserved violence is horrific. As you may be able to tell, this news item has touched me deeply, I have felt worried about the people of Burma. What has this got to do with knitting, I hear you ask…well…the most recent podcast of Lime & Violet made a number of references to Lime being in Burma, but in a humorous way. I understood the Monty Python references, going along with Parrot Sketch, but this made me feel like they were either oblivious to the events in Burma (unfortunately Americans have the international reputation of not knowing anything going on outside their own country, I hoped this was not the case) or totally disrespectful. So I got up on my high horse and spoke up on the Ravelry discussion boards about the episode. I got a response from V and from the person who asked her to include the Monty Python sketch in the podcast. It appears that the podcast was taped months ago prior to the events. I am fine with that, I voiced my opinion, let’s move on…there is more yarn to look at.