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During a repeat of Dr Who last night (Bad Wolf), I finished the sleeve! Woo hoo! Ok, now to the finishing. I have to admit, I have finishing anxiety. I can knit, I am happy with that now. I can purl, I can now cable. But my finishing leaves something to be desired. I have never really been a seamstress. I am worried that I have put all this hard work into creating the pieces and will stuff it with my finishing.

I have the pieces laid out. I have an exceptional knitting day ahead…Melbourne is cold (7’c at 11am!) and rainy and I have no plans. It is perfect for a whole afternoon of knitting. I am going to get out my trusty Vogue Knitting – The Ultimate Guide to Knitting, bite the bullet and get this bugger finished!

Wish me luck!


44cm into the last sleeve! Woo hoo! Almost ready for the decreases. The sleeves are a bit longer than the pattern, due to the long arms of the recipient.

However, the other interknit story that has caught my eye concerns Dr Who knitting. Blogger Mazzmatazz has been ordered by the BBC to remove her free adipose pattern from her site. The pattern I am knitting from is the Joy Gammon ‘Dr Who Pattern Book’ published under an arrangement with the BBC. From reading the Dr Who threads in Ravelry, poor Mazzmatazz has also had people sell her pattern on ebay, however it was available for free from her site. The lovely Ravelry community jumped all over this ebay seller. But has this attention from the BBC been a result of the pissed-off ebay seller dobbing her in? It is a shame, as this pattern was developed by Mazzmatazz through her own creative efforts and she was not profiting from her pattern. The BBC should be embracing this type of creative behaviour by creating another book like Joy Gammon or working with Mazzmatazz. There are so many fan-fiction fan craft on the web, why have they chosen to target this particular pattern? Boo BBC boo.

last sleeve 5/5

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Here is my current progress on sleeve 2. I have knitted about one-third of the sleeve.

jumper 5/5

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Ok, I have a deadline. I need to finish the Peter Davison cricket jumper by May 31. The recipient is going to Japan for a few weeks and the nights have got chilly here in Melbourne and he wants his jumper.
So today is the 5th of May, I have 26 days to complete it and I am going to keep myself honest by blogging every couple of days about it.
There is not that much to do, I have slogged through the most of it; the back, the front and one sleeve are done. All that is left is a sleeve, then the neck with the contrasting colours.
I just had a heart attack when photographing the finished pieces, I thought that the front and the back were slightly different colours. I hope it was the light.
Anyway better get back to the knitting to make sure that I am ready by 31st May.