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I have enlisted into the Southern Summer of Socks in anticipation of the long heat to come. It starts October 1. My challenge is to try toe-up socks


Woo hoo, but I forgot and cast on twice this week!

I finished no.2 Swirly Girl Sock, I am quite happy with the outcome (no, my photo situation is not changed…my advice is don’t buy a cheapo camera off ebay and expect it work with a Mac…poo!)

I have just cast on no.2 Dad sock and started my first sock from More Sensational Knitted Socks in the beauteous Knittery Merino 4 ply Fingering in Orchid. It is knitting up lovely and feels so soft and luscious in my hands. I am doing a simple 4 stitch seed check to take full advantage of the colours. I bought the yarn with my sister and her taste in mind. I would not have bought this colour way for myself, but it is truly lovely. I sat my sister down with my sock yarn stash and asked her to pick one. She picked the one I had bought for her, so I know I picked right…or she just doesn’t like my colour tastes.

Talking of stash enhancement, I relented with 3 days left of my September of no-buying and bought some Blue Moon Fibre Arts sock yarn. I can’t wait to see it in my hand! So I am stashed up ready for the summer o socks!

That’s all for now!


Oh what a lazy blogger I am. Well there have been mitigating circumstances. ADSL outage for 5 whole days! It is almost a violation of my human rights! Call in the UN. But that is all sorted now.

I have decided that September is the month of no purchases. Not just yarn. Nothing at all beyond food and toiletries. I got the idea from people doing it for a whole year (but nowhere near as hardcore!). For me, it is an exercise is mindfulness. Every time in September when I consider buying something, I stop to think…do I really need it? Or am I just buying random crap? Using shopping as a hobby rather than a necessary evil. It has good side effects, sheesh the bank account is looking healthy. Before I am sainted however, I did stumble…

Last Saturday I attended the Stitches and Craft Show. I forgot that it was on before I made my vow of anti-consumerism. Luckily it was a fizzer from a yarn perspective. Some Opal sock yarn, some Online, but nothing grabbing my fancy. I like my colours bright for socks, so the off-white, muted tones of both these sock yarns did nothing to get me to open my wallet. I had a list, I was looking for certain colours and nada, should have just gone to Clegs. Ok, so maybe the reason was the impending summer, but I was not inspired. Nicky Epstein was there though, signing books, but I missed her seminar and I have not read her books, so felt a bit nuffy just going up and saying ‘hi! I have heard of you!’

But all was not lost, I did purchase a copy of More Sensational Knitted Socks. I do not own many knitting books, and this is the first book I have seen which feels like a technical manual. But I will have to sit down, yarn in hand to really get the instructions. I am a toe up sock virgin, you see (I never start off these blogs with a title because I know during the writing, a silly title will come to me!)

WIP Update

  • Jaywalkers in multi-coloured baby yarn as anklets. Done! I am loving wearing my own socks
  • Swirly Girl sock – now destined for sis C – almost finished the leg of Sock 2, coming along a treat!
  • GlobeTrotting Socks – Dad socks- I have this lovely 5ply natural Corriedale yarn which is perfect for dad socks and I have found a simple seed stitch rib pattern and knit them on 3.5mm. It sounds big, but I knit tight and MSKS have verified my gauge. I am still crossing my fingers that they will fit right. They were coming along great but I think I got distracted by the film ‘History of Violence‘ last night and I made a mistake. One of the things I love about knitting is the process of learning the craft. I started picking up the gusset stitches and something was feeling a bit NQR. I realise after a round that I was knitting in the opposite direction and had swapped from RS to WS. Damnit! I corrected it, but, as I am becoming more of a perfectionist, now I am going to have to frog back to the leg and start again. I think I started to go wrong at the end of the heel turn. Anyway try again.
  • Pi Shawl – I cast on an EZ! Three is the magic number, yes it is, it’s the magic number. When I try something new, I usually have to frog back twice in the cast on before I get it right. Pi Shawl proved this point again. I am knitting it with a beautiful rich burgundy red mohair that I picked up 4 balls of at the Mini Wool Expo. Who knows what the metrage is, but I think I have a metric buttload. Anyway I am loving this pattern to bits, easy peasy and because I am stretching the stitches a little on my 40cm circ, I can see the pattern! Yay. But the Pi has to be on hold until after Xmas knitting is done. Laceweight can wait til summer.

Gotta go clean the feral flat, and listen to my podcast backlog from a net-less week! Then vote, damned by-election…just cos I was too lazy to change my address on the electoral roll.