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I have a short attention span when it comes to garments. I can do lace but I can’t knit rows and rows of stocking stitch making one minor increase or decrease every 6 alternative rows. My mind wandering and my jumper pieces never match up.
So as winter approached, I decided to try a top down jumper with no seaming! I grabbed some stash Jet bought at a Clegs sale and set to making a man’s jumper for me.
The Retrograde Pullover from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 is designed to be reversible, but I want a thick round the house dagging out jumper and don’t care about looking too swish. I stuffed the neckline a little but I am enjoying the body of the jumper. Ah the lazy 12″ of garter stitch in the round while watching movies in my handknit socks!
Here’s a sneak peek.
retrograde jumper

Top down style definitely suits my lack of attention! Let’s see how it all turns out.

Also finished a quickie hat. ZigZag Beanie in Cascade 220 Heathers. Only used half a skein! The beanie probably would have looked better in a yarn with a halo.
zigzag beanie

Alhambra in School House Products is coming along, but delayed by work on the jumper.

I am enamoured with the small shawlette at the moment. Here’s a new cute one, Milkweed from cosmicpluto


I have just got back from some time overseas, including 9 nights in New York…which meant YARN STORES!
I visited four shops; Lion Brand Studio, Purl Soho, School Products and Downtown Yarns. Here are my thoughts on each…

Lion Brand Yarn Studio
I get the Lion Brand emails and when I think Lion Brand, I think acrylic. But the Lion Brand Studio (like a concept store) was a nice surprise. Yes, there was acrylic there but the focus ‘yarn of the month’ was recycled cotton. The shop is quite large, with a wall of yarns for you to test, snip off a bit and swatch away. There were also computers to search the Lion Brand pattern range (but also allowed access to Ravelry!) and print out the free patterns. There was a large table for hanging out and knitting and lots of non-acrylic yarns (including the LB range). A nice space but as you would guess, only Lion Brand products on sale. Purchases – a skein of Sock Ease and some of the recycled cotton.

Purl Soho
Purl is a tiny shop packed to the rafters with yarn. There was a large table in the middle of the room for hanging out but the shop packs out with people easily (and I was there on a Monday afternoon!). There is no labelling on the yarns, so you need to pull out each skein to check what it is and the price. Price were a bit high too. There was a lot of lovely stuff in Purl but it was more on the luxury end. Purchases – nothing.

School Products
This shop is on the 3rd floor and you need to buzz to get in. Once getting through the door, I was the only person browsing. School Products had an interesting range of unlabelled yarns from cashmere to yak to cotton, available by the pound or by the skein. There was also the full range of Karabella Yarns but little other products. The space was kind of unfriendly but there was some great yarn on sale. Purchases – skein of hand dyed pale green cashmere/silk/merino (already cast on for Alhambra) and 2 skeins of a honey coloured Koigu

Downtown Yarns
Downtown Yarns is a cute little space on Avenue A. It had a real friendly community feel about it and a great, but smallish, selection of different yarns. There was a table for sittin’ and knittin’. This was my fave yarn shop in New York. Purchases – 3 skeins of Cascade 220 (one grey -already cast on for Zig-Zag Beanie and 2 green heather), a pink skein of Malabrigo Lace and another skein that might be a present for someone who might read this blog.

new york stash enhancement

And since I have been away, I have a new LYS. I popped into the new Morris and Sons Melbourne store yesterday. It is going to be a great addition to my yarn life. I liked the in-house range of yarns, especially excited to see a large variety of 2ply with 700m skeins…perfect for my lace addiction. But I have a bit of yarn to get through first!