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Surprise packages are always fun. It’s also fun if you forgot you’ve ordered something and it arrives in the mail. No, I can’t blame Xmas party boozing, then online purchasing (if you drink and click, you’re a bloody idiot!)… I joined the Knitabulous Yarn Club a month or so back when I was in the middle of a studying maelstrom after some enabling through Ravelry. And promptly forgot all about it until I received a pre-warning email from Knitabulous. And promptly forgot that email when a strange package arrived in my letter box.
I have not joined a yarn club before and I have been looking for a local club, because the overseas postage charges can make those clubs far too expensive. I have admired Knitabulous lace patterns from afar, like the Rain pattern from Yarn Magazine and her Red Emperor (search on Ravelry for the free download) pattern for 2008 Olympics.
knitabulous club #1
The package contained a sock yarn pattern ‘Shantaram’ (a book I have yet to finish by a master story teller – or bullshit artist, who can tell?!), an interestingly lacy pattern and sock yarn in a vibrant blue and green shade named ‘Salwaar Kameez’. There were also a couple of little goodies, including a lip balm, some plastic dpns, a piece of dark choc (mmm my fave…scoffed long ago) and the heady scents of a chai tea bag to add to the Indian experience.
The colours are almost too vibrant to hide away in a pair of shoes but the pattern looks right up my alley, I may have to play along properly for this first installment…there are 2 more to come! Yay!

Umm…yeah my blogging every day in November went a bit NQR and now it’s almost mid December. Oh well…