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Whilst study doesn’t necessarily affect my knitting, it does affect my blogging! However procrastination in front of the computer all day have reminded me to post. Yay!

Today I handed over the following birthday gift to Andy. He is one of those guys who never really gets cold and doesn’t wear a coat or jacket but loved the idea of a scarf. I thought he would look rather dashing in a college style scarf. I chose Johanna Sarten’s A’s Manly Scarf (a free download on Ravelry) in a blokey but colourful Filatura di Crosa 127 Print Colour #40. I knew he liked his browns but wanted a bit of colour to brighten him up. We need to teach the boys about colour eh?
Andy's birthday scarf

What else is happening knitwise? I have cast on Alhambra by Anne Hanson in Knitabulous Mumbai Nights…a delicious blue from Knitabulous’ Indian Summer Yarn Club. Blue is not generally a colour I wear but hey get crazy with the different colours! I have cast on 10 repeats and being a lace-weight, this is going to take me a million years to finish but it is my sanity brain clearer in between work and school! Thank f*** for knitting!