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Dear Peter Davison cricket jumper,

It has been fun, we have had great times together. Watching the West Wing together. When I took you to my yoga retreat at Gaia. Good times. But our time together has become a bit stale. I need to knit other things, I think we should take a break.


Forever Knit.

Now I have got that out of the way. I have been working on my first toe-up, which was great fun. I used Charlene Schurch’s More Sensational Knitted Socks as my guide but knitted plain. I was getting very muddled about the structure, how the heel flap was knitted in the same order as a top down sock. However, trying it on, I think that structure fits my foot better. I am converted to toe-up. Or now I am just multi-socksual.
I have also picked up Quant again and that is coming along beautifully. I think it will make a nice little birthday gift for sis. Once I got the hang of this entrelac malarky, it is not hard that really!


feral best friend cardigan

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I wanted to make a Best Friend Cardigan but the beautiful wool I bought from Rainbow Wools was not thick enough (yes at 20ply) or plied too tightly to give me the same result as the BFC. The cables looked crap and the reverse stocking stitch wasn’t doing it for me.
But I like the overall shape and the look of the big buttons. So I ripped back (oh the joys of bulky knits!) and reknit purely in garter stitch. I am quite happy with the end result, but am yet to wear it in public. Does it look “too” handmade? But bulky knits are in all the shops, so perhaps I can get away with it!
As other who have made the BFC have said before, I too was amazed that it ended up fitting (give or take a bit of stretching near the buttons). It looked too small but that negative ease is a wonderous thing!

Bring on the cold Melbourne weather!


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I have been working on the cricket jumper for ages. I have now realised that I made a big boo-boo on the back. I did not put the increases in after finishing the band. But this error created a very interesting cable pattern. One I really liked.
When I started on the front, I realised my mistake but fooled myself into thinking perhaps they were not so different and I could get away with a slightly different cable on the back. Check out the two pieces side by side. They are radically different!
The panel on the left is the correct pattern, tis ok. But the right is much more interesting.
I have shown the difference to the end recipient of the jumper and he says I need to rip back and start again!