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Despite the lovely cold, I have been not knitting up a storm.

I did however receive my lovely sock yarn from The Knitting Ninja in Tulips. Yum. Can’t wait to cast that one on, but I am being very good. Despite the urge I feel to cast on more than one pair of socks, I refuse to buy myself another set of dpns. That way I can control excessive castonitis.

Just as I was thinking I have plenty of sock yarn and DO NOT NEED ANY MORE, I saw the newish Socktopia pattern and desperately want a fiery-orange red skein. And as a good Melbourne girl and recovering teen goth, I need more black in my sock yarns…like this So 80s from Sock Pixie.

Next on my to do list is knit a jumper for my friend. It is from this fabulous book The Doctor Who Pattern book by Joy Gammon. The book published in 1984 contains such wonderful patterns as the Peter Davison cricket jumper (my project), Nyssa’s jacket, K9 toy, jumpers with the Dr Who logo and of course a Tom Baker scarf. There are non-knitting projects too, like Adric’s tunic (I never realised Adric was a gay icon) K9 shoulder bag and a TARDIS sleeping bag. The Peter Davison cricket jumper will be my first foray into cables, so challenging as well as super nerdy!

I will be doing less knitting over the next 19 days, despite the fact that I am on leave from work. Tonight begins the Melbourne International Film Festival and I will be blogging about that too here. I will be carrying my Jaywalker at all times and proudly knit in public while I stand in the ever present queues.


Knitting has been quiet but uneventful over the last week or so. I am getting into the swing of the lace (yay King of the Mountain), coming along in leaps and bounds and loving the variation of the yarn as each stitch slides by.

I was a little hungover yesterday, so cast on the second Jaywalker in Jitterbug.

I meant to go to Stitch n Bitch tonight. A new meet in Richmond but Monday nights are hard for me to leave the house. I hope to get there one week. But I am quite slack in that regard.

My post purpose today is Australian yarn suppliers/manufacturers. Not just Australian yarn shops but shops/producers that supply Australian yarn. I have seen a similar list here.…but I want to add to it. I can’t vouch for all these suppliers personally, my credit card couldn’t bear it.

Here we go, in no particular order…

For now, I am just listing the producers, but I hope to classify them. This will make it easier to remember where to go for what.

Please comment for any further additions

Tour de France started last night and so did my first foray in lace knitting. I have taken my lovely Kelim laceweight and starting with the easy lace from VLT with the Centre Rectangle with diamond pattern.

I got my head around the invisible cast-on, thanks to the instructions and that went quite well. But attempt #1, I didn’t read the chart properly and had not been purling on the wrong side. Rip back, invisible cast-on…knit away, then a particularly interesting moment in The Bill distracted me and I got to the end of the row with not enough stitches. left for the chart So I unknit the row and called it a night.

Now I have been besotted with my knitting before…whole evenings, even weekends, disappear like that *click*. But this lace knitting stuff seems like the ultimate in time suck. That little bit more concentration makes the hours whizz by! Lucky I have another lazy Sunday ahead of me, with the rain threatening outside…perfect to snuggle up on the couch and continue this lace.

I almost called this “the uncertainty of new things” until I had a J.Timberlake moment. Ok, so I am by no means a prize winning knitter. I try my best, give it a good crack and as in life, let those little mistakes go by (pretend they never happened and no one else will notice). But I am looking at this “lace knitting” sitting on the end of my Addis and it looks just like a mass of thread. I look back to the picture of beauteous red mohair lusciousness that I trying to replicate and my WIP looks nothing like that.

I know, I know…I have read and heard people speak (btw I am sole knitting practitioner! I have learnt all from books & internet) about the lace and how it looks like nothing until you block it. But mine really looks like nothing! Am I doing it right? Do I have to wait til I finish and block it to find the mistakes? After getting my confidence in other knitting, making some half decent socks and a jumper, I am now back at step 1 feeling like I know nothing. I got some knitting insecurity. It’s scary, but fun. The inner control freak will just have to let go and see how this one turns out…

Other knittery things this week…

  • copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac arrived in the post. What a lovely little book. I don’t usually have knitting books besides my bed, but the patterns intertwined with anecdotes of her adventures in knitting and her cottage in the woods. making in perfect bed reading. My initial thoughts are that this will not be a pattern book per se for me (not cold enough here for mittens but they are damned cute & I can’t see myself knitting t-shirts), but more of a reference book to learn the tricks that EZ uncovered. I am wanting to try out the Pi shawl…sheesh where is my Ravelry account, so I can organise my projects! Waiting ,waiting, waiting for that email…apparently me & 9800 other rabid knitters.
  • Melbourne Scarf Festival has been on. I snuck a look at the exhibition yesterday (last day). There were some beautiful hand spun, hand dyed scarfs, felted and some kooky arty type stuff. The nice thing is that you can handle all the scarves, touch the yarn, feel the stitches, look and wonder…how did they do that? The curators did a great job exhibiting the scarves together by colour, selection of blues, pinks, silver/gray/blacks. I went last year as a truly newbie knitter and with another year in knitting education under my belt, I was able to identify stitches, yarns, styles etc. I felt like a proper knitter! Maybe I will enter next year, maybe!
  • Up to the toe decreases in my first Jaywalker!

I need to go and buy a digital camera….

A big week of stash enhancement…lucky I answer to no-one but myself on my purchases! Yay another reason to celebrate spinsterhood! Anyway my Knittery purchase arrived in the post on Friday and I am desperately trying to stop myself casting on. I must complete some UFOs before I start my first project from VLT. But it’s so pretty…Knitting Ninja has sent a lovely note and her skein is on the way too. Can’t wait.

Saw this awesome pattern today through Lime & Violet board and busting to try the Bellatrix.

Why is casting on so much fun? Is playing with the first stitches, feeling the fibre through your fingers. Seeing the colour play, the way the stitches wind and sit together. Is it the excitement of new beginnings?

Other yarn purchases on Saturday…my LYS is Clegs… damn end of financial year, damn stocktake sale. Bought some robust thick black Gusto for a chunky scarf…I wear so much black but seem to make my scarves bright but I need a proper Melbourne black scarf. And they had some new sock yarn in and earlier I noticed a top in a shop window and was loving the play between violet and yellow. I recalled reading a book about complementary colours and how violet and yellow being opposite sides of the colour spectrum and work beautifully together…so I bought two skeins of this beautiful violet, gold and bronze Grignasco Strong Print sock yarn. I can’t find a link for it on the net, surely that can’t be right!

Congrats to Lime & Violet for getting their own bricks & mortar shop. Where on earth is Omaha btw?

I have just signed up for my first KAL, Tour de France! Ooh la la tricoteuses. A former boyfriend got me into the TdF thang and SBS has great coverage. I am usually not the sporting type but something about the scenary and the bizarre tactics has sucked me in. One day I hope to be sitting by the side of the road in a small French village on race day, sipping something cold and cheering on the racers. But this year, I will knit along instead from my Melbourne lounge room in winter. Not sure what yet. Given the skeins of sock yarn flowing through my letter box at the moment, it may be socks. Voulez vous couchez avec moi…

Edit – being less hungover today, I have re-read the KAL rules and am embarking on my first lace project from VLT using my Knittery lace-weight. King of the Mountain…see attached for further info