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Yesterday was about 40 degrees (celsius!), I had a little hangover and so I decide to try my hand at entrelac with a 12 ply yarn. Of course!

Had to frog my first attempt, but the second attempt, it all started to make sense. Although the edges are a little erm…rustic.

It will probably be another 6 months before I can wear this but I am enjoying the challenge.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and it is time to review the year that has been in knitting. I started this blog, which I am surprised that anyone reads. 2007 was the year of the socks, I feel like I have conquered the top down socks. I finished my first jumper, I failed at lace. I conquered the market bags and hats!

2008 Knitting Resolutions
I wanna get all technical in 2008, I want to learn more technical stuff.

  • entrelac – already started there
  • try lace again – throws and shawls (2 cones of Bendigo 2ply watching me type this now)
  • cables – I need to do the Peter Davison jumper
  • toe up socks.
  • more blogging
  • have a go at dyeing some yarn

Phew a big year ahead. All the best for 2008!


noro scarf

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I like knitting for presents. But Christmas knitting almost makes me despise knitting. It’s the deadline, it’s the finishing, it’s the constant urge to cast on something non-Xmas related.
After a 4 West Wing episode ‘weaving ends in ‘ extravaganza, I am now finished. Ahhh… a big sigh of relief to that. Three pairs of socks, three market bags and a kitty hat are all done and ready for giving. In my usual anally retentive way, I am ready with 2 days to spare. But the last thing I want to do is cast on a sock.
So for something different, I have cast on a Brooklyn Tweed Noro Stripey scarf. I am a little more of the bold colour persuasion than the original, and I have used Noro Aurora for a bit of bling, with a Kureyon. I am loving the colours changes in the Kureyon – red and hot pink being my faves, but I am a little disappointed with the amount of grey in the Aurora skein. I have poked about in the skein and found there is pink and white to come but I want more frequent colour changes! That being said, I still love it. The pattern is a piece of piss, but the fun is in the colour. The weather has taken a little turn for the cooler, which makes knitting a scarf less insane than you would think for a Melbourne summer.
Next thing in my queue, is the Peter Davison cricket jumper, I am swatching to learn cables. The pattern that I am using is not very helpful in the cable arena. It basically says cable 6. I need to fiddle about a bit more, but I was baffled, rifling through my reference books going ‘cable 6, cable 6?’. Is that slip 6 stitches on to the cable needle? But that seems to be too big. Is it slip 3, knit 3, knit 3 off the cable needle? More swatching required to practice this before I cast on proper.
I got a copy of Knitting Nature in the post the other day, but have not had a chance to study it in full. Foreverknit book review to come, only 50 years after the book came out!
Hope anyone reading this has a lovely Christmas. Next entry will also be about my knitting NY resolutions!