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I have been busy being besotted with Ravelry of late. It finally encouraged me to purchase a digital camera, so soon (once I get to be at home during natural light) I will be updating this blog with pics too! Oh moving into the digital age!

Ravelry is great for organisation and chatting. I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the amazing work of my fellow Ravelers. There are some beautiful projects out there and the wisdom in those forums! Wow what a resource.

My tip for the week from Ravelry for knitting in the round, cast on an extra stitch and k2tog to join the circle. Thanks ladies!

On the Needles – Been continuing on with the Swirly Girl socks and they are coming up a treat. When I need a mindless knit I am working on the Clem Cardi. I have decided that two WIPs on the needles is an ideal number. More than one complex project on the needles is a problem, as I found with the first lace project which I frogged!

The VLT Centre Diamond scarf was driving me to distraction and I decided I was doing it wrong. I think I was misreading the chart, thinking that a yo was a stitch according to the chart, so putting in a knit stitch as well to create a stitch. I thought the placing the yarn over was not enough to warrant a “space” in the chart. So I took the big step and ripped it up. I think I might try the Pi Shawl first, see how that goes (Pi keeps reminding me of Revenge of the Nerds, but then again I never have been particularly sciencey or mathsey), then try tackling VLT again. I was feeling depressed about my lacey loserdom, until I heard this week’s Lime & Violet, Miss Violet spoke about her love/hate relationship with the lace too. I felt admonished, I was not the only one stumped by the lacework, maybe I needed more time, the right pattern to start with and it will all fall into place.

Knitting is a process, and like in life, you have to enjoy the journey. This is a minor setback, I will come back to lace and I will make it mine! Mwhahahahahaaaa


I’m in!!

I am re-inspired to blog again after the MIFF blog slog. Partly thanks to the two lovely skeins of Lorna’s Laces in Flames that arrived in my letter box…ooh ee. Perfect for Momma Monkey’s Fawkes pattern (sorry can’t get a link but here’s her whole site, what a sock goddess!). This yarn came from the troublesome closing down sale at Knit2Purl2 (see here for the L&V thread on the drama) but it all turned out fine in the end.

Oh and I am #236th in line for Ravelry. Yay!

I have completed my first repeat of Swirly Girl socks. It’s looking lovely (yet another note to self re: buying a camera) and the Tofutsies are behaving themselves. As I blogged before, this yarn is stubborn & picky (and annoyingly splitty) and won’t show its beauty with any old project. This pattern has been written specific for Tofutsies and tis looking fine.

Also needed some mindless knitting to go along with the Gilmore Girls and so picked up the Clementine Cardi again. I am a little bit worried that I will not have enough yarn to finish this project. Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe my knitty super powers are acting up again. I should go pick up a couple of extra skeins just in case…A couple of extra skein won’t hurt anyone. At least my stash isn’t this. Apparently it is not a shop. I have learnt a new term with this…sable (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy).

Extra inspiration has come from 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting. I heard David Reidy podcast about it and luckily my local Borders had a bunch of them. With 50 patterns covering all styles, it was a great buy. There are two great forum pieces with the legends and the new guard. I am tempted by a cute little Michael Kors cabled cape. Perfect after I have finished the Peter Davison jumper (and learnt to cable). See I need the Ravelry project queue! Features on great American yarn companies. One thing that annoys me, someone in the magazine used the expression ‘punk rock’. Knitting is not punk rock. Knitting can be alternative but punk rock is destructive, de-constructive and died decades ago along with Sid Vicious.

Anyway…knitting good.

Not blogged in a while. Well, not on knitting any way, I have been blogging my little heart out during MIFF, describing the films I have seen and giving my ill-informed opinion.

There has been a little bit of knitting, mainly the other night when I decided to wag my film (only a Romanian film about abortion, unfortunately only the Cannes Palm d’Or too) to sit on the couch and knit.

Firstly I would like to complain about Jitterbug metreage. I had been merrily knitting my first Jaywalkers in Jitterbug, liking the pattern, liking the colourway. Then I hear Brenda Dayne complain about the yardage in her Jitterbug. Which causes me to panic, I look down at my remaining ball and wonder “do I have enough” to complete. Short answer, no. A skein of Jitterbug is only 267m, something I failed to notice before. The yarn ran out at 2.5cm before the toe decreases on the second sock. Being the non-perfectionist that I am, I decided I had two choices, I could get another yarn to complete the toe or frog the whole lot and start again. I chose the new yarn. Doesn’t look fabulous but now I know. Hmrph.

Second, I tried knitting socks on two circulars. Needless to say, it was a little disastrous. The needles got caught up, I got confused about which needle was which. Frogged it back twice and I have given up. Well, not entirely, I have turned to the wisdom of the internet and found this great tutorial. Perhaps I should have checked it first rather than going off gung-ho. I will now try with some scrap yarn before embarking on the full pattern.

I was trying to start this lovely Swirly Girl Socks. I have the same colourway of Tofutsies and despite all my playing, this is a yarn that does not know what it wants to be. Or I have not found what this yarn should be yet. Perhaps I will be lucky with the Swirly Girls Socks, but I need to master the 2 circs first (or wait til the next set of Jaywalkers are off the dpns, I cast another pair on straight after finishing the last! I restrict my needles to prevent castonitis)

Here’s a funny little cartoon sent to me. 061013_nemi.gif