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RPM with Knitting Ninja

Originally uploaded by knotmad

In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of rumblings in the knitting community. The pages of Ravelry have been filled with threads of issues with yarn sellers; no contact after emails, yarn paid for and not delivered. Ravelry gives the opportunity for people to discuss and point out their bad experiences and 100,000+ knitters can hear.
The main casualty has been Magknits. After threads about the disappointing service experience with the affiliated Hipknits, the owner of Magknits pulled down the site without warning. This raises a bunch of thoughts. Sure the site was free, sure the owner can do as they wish and they do not owe us freeloaders anything. But the designers were not forewarned and their patterns were lost. Luckily the word got out and many designers uploaded their patterns to their blogs or Ravelry and the amazing repository that was Magknits was not totally lost. It shows how transitory that the internet world, or the world in general, is.
Well that’s a bit philosophical of me.
The picture here is related because the yarn is Knitting Ninja. She was (yes, I said was) a Sydney based dyer with a lovely selection of sock yarn. I ordered a skein from her and she sent an extra skein for the delay in posting. The yarn shown is a Cashmerino (mmm) in colourway Sydney Sunset. So I had an unexpectedly great service experience from her. But then I started to read grumblings on Ravelry (no contact, paid for yarn not received) and now she is nowhere to be found. Such a shame, hope everything is ok. The pattern is RPM btw.

Unrelated, I am trying to organise a venue for WWKIP day in Melbourne. I have been on to Federation Square but they charge a sizeable fee. The co-ordinator advised that we could get a discount or support from Fed Square if we made a submission. I drafted it during the week at work. But guess which nuff-nuff forget to email it home for the weekend. Oh well:)