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Goth Mermaid Shawl in progress

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Melbourne has been putting on some perfect knitting weather for the past week or so. Intermittent rain, cold and a great excuse for not leaving the house.

Wot’s On My Needs?

  • Well I have been very monogamous, trying to finish off the Goth Mermaid Shawl (Cascading Leaves Shawl with Live2Knit Elizabeth in Goth Mermaid colourway). Partly monogamous because I want to get this finished soon, partly because I am thoroughly enjoying knitting it! I have been bitten by the lace bug and I have even blocked yet. This picture is from last week and it does not accurately show the black and green handpaint from Live2Knit. I am close to the end, I have done an extra repeat and I am about 6 rows away from casting off. At 300 odd stitches, each row is taking me 20 minutes!

I am almost sad to cast off. But I have rediscovered some lace weight in my stash, been reading Victorian Lace Today while eating my muesli before work and dreaming about my next lace project. It’s funny how some things in your life need to come along at the right time to click. I have tried lace a few other times and it was a big old mess. This time, it has stuck. I have had a similar experience with yoga, I tried a few classes but nothing spoke to me until I found the right teacher and the right school. Now it is a part of my daily life, like knitting. Maybe it’s the pattern (easy and fun), maybe it’s the occasion (a shawl for my one of my best friends’ wedding), but it has been great.

  • there are some other socks on my needles but little progress there.

Other stuff

  • IK Fall 2008

Got my first subscription copy of Interweave Knits in the post. Being the massive stickybeak that I am, I had already checked out the preview patterns online. Maybe I should avoid doing that next time, leave a little surprise. Hmm…but can I control myself? The standout pattern for me is the Little Blue Sweater. This is just the type of jumper I like to wear. I have a small waist and the longer jumpers make me look hippy. Although I would extend the sleeves to full length. I hate this short sleeved (or even 3/4 sleeved) jumper trend, especially for winter. It is totally impractical. But I digress…Whisper Stripe Pullover is stunning (too hard basket though), AfterThought Dart Cardigan (pretty but I would shorten the length which might wreck the line of the design) and the Knotty or Knice socks are going straight in the Ravelry queue. I don’t get into the brown chunky knits (I have a thing against brown) or fingerless gloves.

There is a great educational article on different types of wool and how the ply construction affects the stitch definition. I have heard more experienced knitters talking about this type of thing but now seeing swatch examples, I understand. A great review of knitting cottage industry books. I am quite interesting in the regional knitting styles.

Perhaps because I had seen the patterns before, the magazine did feel quite short. Have the page numbers decreased?


I have been busy this week with MIFF. I have taken time off work and thought I would have plenty of time for knitting but this has not been the case!

Finished Stuff

But I have finished a baby item, Seed Stitch Baby Jacket for new niece. I girly-ed it up with a couple of pink buttons (the project was started before the gender was known).
I acquired a bunch of Cleckheaton Nurture (100% naturally dyed, thick n’ thin, 18 stitches to 10cm) and didn’t know what to do with it. However, in seed/moss stitch, Nurture looks lovely and rustic. Nurture was actually really nice to knit with, there was something soothing about the lofty thick pieces.

Now I have another 14 balls…I might knit a daggy at home jumper with the rest!

Wot’s on the Needs
A load of socks

  • RPMs in Knitting Ninja Cashmere something
  • Stansfield 304 from More Sensational Knitted Socks in Blue Moon Fibre Arts – Knitty Rocks….bit annoyed at the pooling, but that’s another post
  • Uneven Ribbing from More Sensational Knitted Socks in Jigsaw 4ply – Colour 25, black with green, khaki and blue stripes.
  • And the goth mermaid wedding shawl – had a drama yesterday with the shawl. Why is it that you make the most mistakes when you pick up the project and start!?

Knitting News

  • Twist Collective – I haven’t made it all the way through this new online magazine, but so far it looks great. This is a joint effort between Kate Gilbert, Irene Vandervoort, Julia Farwell-Clay and Mary Jackson including articles by Cat Bordhi and patterns from Veronik Avery, Cookie A, Ysolde Teague and Pam Allen. This is different to other on-line magazines, the mag itself is free but the patterns are purchasable individually. So if you only like one pattern, you don’t need to buy the whole mag. The mag looks great, photography is clear with multiple shoots of the patterns. It is laid out like a mag, you can flip pages. This is a classy venture, with a lot of advertising support. Patterns I would actually knit include Come Together, Through the Key Hole and Linden. True Pattern porn – Little Birds (steeks eek!), Lily (bobbles) and some fabulously fancy socks patterns. Go check it out.
  • Knitting Needles as murder weapons. I have been watching a lot of George A Romero films recently. In ‘The Crazies’, a woman (affected by the bio weapon) stabs a soldier dressed in white hazard suit and gas mask to death with her knitting needle and keeps on knitting. I can’t find it on youtube!!