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I have been struck down sick all week. Usually I am a super healthy person, so this was pretty unusual. Having my first coffee all week right now, mmm tastes good.
Here is the photo of the finished Gathered Pullover in Heirloom Easy Care 5 ply (here’s a review of the 8ply). I was originally worried that the colour was a little bit Catholic school jumper but now I like it. This is a great easy pattern (if you can cope with the 25cm of knit in the round, hey I don’t mind a brainless knit every now and then). The cable in the centre is very flattering and creates shaping where there is none.
Technically, ooh I am getting technical these days, my gauge changes when I move from knitting in the round to knitting back and forth. I am not sure if anyone else (but a keen eyed knitter) can tell, but it irks me. Oh well, it is all a learning exercise.

Wot else on the needs? Finished the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket. Well finished the knitting part, just the boring sewing up to do. But I am thinking of embellishing with a little flower, but which one to choose! I am plugging away at the Double Breasted Jacket in seed stitch, it is looking very “organic” (err, maybe rustic is a better word) and will definitely need some wooden buttons to finish off the look. I am also very slowly working on an RPM sock, basically a travelling project but I do very little public transport work. So it is saved for SnB or waiting for the film to start at Cinematheque.

Review: Mixtapezine Mixtapezine is a Melbourne-produced craft zine. I got hold of issue#4 for 6 triffic bucks + postage (purchased through the site via Paypal). At 50ish pages, it is a cute little read of short articles celebrating craft by crafters, covering topics from ‘not being crafty per se but enabling the crafty people through computer skills and therefore being computer crafty’, artist profiles, funky little cartoon from about Rockin’ Out, book reviews, environmental tips, childhood musings, recipes, tips on organisation and how to make a great mix tape (eat your heart out High Fidelity Rob). There is an interview with Vicki Howell, exhibition reviews and confessions of a craft addict (and much more). It is a jam-packed little read with many of the articles being 300 words. It looks great and the ads are very tastefully added. I have already pre-ordered issue #5.


WIP knits
I am currently knitting baby stuff. Using some stash red yarn from Yarn Barn, I am knitting up the collar of a Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket for mini Beast #1 for her 2nd birthday. I need to find a suitably cute thingie for the front fastening, so I am off to Clegs today.
Next in queue for babies, is for Mini Beast #2 (gender unknown) is Doubled Breasted Seed Stitch Jacket from Elinor Brown. I need to swatch it, but I am thinking of using stash Cleckheaton Nuture in green. The yarn is thick and thin but I am hoping in seed stitch, it might give a very rustic looking, I am loathed to say ‘organic’ jacket. Let’s see. The play is half the fun in knitting, isn’t it!?
I didn’t mention in my last post but I have finished my Gathered Pullover and wore it to WWKIP day. I am thinking of wearing it again today (Still in jamas while blogging. Oh the bliss of the weekend) and the light is better today, so photos to come.

What I watch while I knit?
I haven’t quite mastered reading while knitting, so I watch a lot of dvds and telly while knitting. What I have been watching while knitting this week is
– Deadwood Series 1 (I have not watched before and am totally engrossed)
– Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (I don’t mind a bit of swearing)
Spiral (new classy French crime show on SBS. Although I am a little baffled by the French justice system. Are the prosecutors part of the police?)

Random stuff
I had a lovely evening of internet surfing on Thursday. You know, where one thread leads to a blog which leads to another blog and suddenly you have been online for 4 hours.
I found a world of crafty ladies here in Melbourne.
Craft City Melbourne (a guide to craftiness in Melbourne)
Brown Owls (reclaiming the Brownies)
Mixtapezine (the Melbourne zine for crafters. I ordered one and will give a run down once I receive it)

I knit with a zombie

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Today was WWKIP day, we met up at Brunetti’s in City Square for coffee, hot chocolates and knitting. The rain held off but it was a little chilly, perfect for scarf, gloves and hat wearing.
There was a great turnout of about 20 knitters (people came and went and I was too busy chatting to count!) from Ravelry and other knitting groups (good to see the girls from Project 46), people of all skill levels and ages. We were not approached by any non-knitters, but there were some Irish boys at a table next to us asking if we could knit them ‘willywarmers’. We shared techniques, books, yarns and oohed & aahed at each others projects. There were prizes of sock yarn (congrats KittenKong and CraftyScience! And thanks to Live2Knit and Ozknitter for their contributions) and ACS publications (thanks Damo).
But then we were set upon by hundreds of zombies. Today was the Melbourne zombie shuffle, I even caught a zombie knitter.
Then a few of us hit Clegs for a bit of stash enhancement. I caved in and purchases 8 skeins of Cleakheaton Bamboo in orange/pink (how could I say no at $2.25 each?!)
Thanks everyone for a fun day. See you next year…

dr who jumper

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Yes, it is finally finished. After six months of slogging through this, trial and tribulations of the frogging and re-knitting of the entire back, it is finally done.

I can’t wait for the recipient to try it on tonight! I have tried it on and it is too big for me (especially around the shoulders), so I assume it will fit him.

What have I learnt from this project? Technically – cables. In other ways – read the pattern carefully, persistence -that I can finish a large project but it is good to take a break if the pattern is driving you nuts.

My Dr Who expert friend has advised that the brown on the neck colour work is not wholly accurate, but I think the pattern is not strictly accurate and at this stage I don’t give a flying frack!

It’s over! Now to other things….



Bring your knitting and a sense of humour. Bring layers – who knows what the Melbourne weather goddess will bring that day.
We will be meeting for an hour or so before descending on the city, perhaps taking City Circle trams or finding other public places to knit in. All very casual!
Hope to see you there!