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I have just come from the madness of Melbourne CBD, roads are blocked, tram routes diverted, people everywhere, all because of the Myer Christmas Parade.
Christmas? It’s only 14th of bloody November!
Trees and decorations are up and invites to work Christmas parties are flowing in. Is it just me or is Christmas getting earlier each year?
Anyway…talking of Christmas or “the holidays” as Americans put it, I grabbed a copy of IK Holiday Gifts recently. I am not really planning to knit gifts this Xmas but something about this issue grabbed my attention. I think it was mainly this pattern, Tapestry Mittens.. Of course, it’s 30 degrees here today and I want to knit mittens! But ever since knitting the Selbu Modern hat, I have been a little smitten with fair isle. I walk to work each day and some mittens would be quite useful in those cold Melbourne morns. This issue has 57 patterns, which is pretty good value and lots of nice socks and other little patterns like scarfs.
But check out this for a jumper to mentally scar the children in your life!
It’s a bit Bridget Jones Christmas jumper, innit?
Mark Darcy Xmas

I am also quite taken with the Tilted Slouch hat. There are also a bunch of blokey jumpers but not to my blokes tastes.

There is also a few Christmas decorations, but I will talk about knitted Xmas decorations next time….


Now, there are some ugly patterns out there. But I was driven to blog about the latest Lion Brand email I received. This included wedding “favours”. Check this out – Amigurumi peas in a pod! Wedding cake topper! Barrette! Sheesh. This is the type of thing that gets us crafters branded as funny old ladies. This is the type of craft I hate, craft for the sake of craft, not for the functionality. Like toilet roll holders or tissue box covers. Are loo rolls and tissues so offensive that we must hide them from sight?! Phew serenity now….

Anyway on the knitting front; finished Edgar.

And started Selbu Modern. I am adoring this pattern, love the red yarn and the contrast with baby blue. I have been thinking about post box red and baby blue together since I read an article in a home magazine. When I saw a similar colour combo on Ravelry and remembered the Jitterbug Vatican Pie in my stash, popped into Clegs for an on-sale bit of Cleckheaton Merino Bambino and away I went. Liking the challenge of fair isle too.

I just hope it fits my big boof head.