I have to admit, I like interior design p0rn. I watch Grand Designs religiously, listen to By Design and read (and reread or just revisit my favourite pictures!) interior design magazines.
One magazine I subscribe to is Inside Out. Much to my surprise, I recently received their Christmas issue and they have jumped on the crafty bandwagon and included some knitting ideas for Christmas!
Some has kindly knit up this woollen chain pattern from Simply Knitting and it is very cute without being over the top Christmassy (see picture of Colin Firth from the last post). This would be a great stash buster and would look pretty good in any colour.
The article goes on to talk about free patterns from Patons. These patterns are a bit more traditional, including a cute crochet angel, pretty crochet stars (sheesh I need to learn to crochet), candy canes, lots of different stockings and a dog jumper! A good mixture of tacky and tasteful.
IK Holiday Gifts also has a range of decoration patterns including stars for a tree and egg like “German ornaments”. I dunno why someone would knit a skirt for their Christmas tree but I have now seen two patterns (Sunburst Throw and Paton’s Jester Tree Skirt – you have to log in to see the pattern and I couldn’t be arsed). Are we embarrassed to see the tree’s trunk?
There are a million Christmas patterns across the net, check out this stashbuster from craft.dow.com. But I think you would need to be polycraftual for that one…
I don’t think I am going to knit anything as a Christmas decoration. I don’t Christmas at home, so my attempt at Christmas decorating will be to pull the Aldi tinsel out of the crap drawer and wrap it around the telly.
Maybe I am a Christmas decoration voyeur to go with my problem with interior design p0rn!